University of Almeria (Universidad de Almeria)

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(Almeria, Spain)

The Universidad de Almeria is a public university established in 1993. It was created as a response to the need for quality education in the Spanish province of Almeria. It began as a dependant and university college of the University of Granada. The edicts that were passed by the Parliament of Andalusia in 1993 converted it into a university. The University of Almeria was given full autonomy after a four-year transitory period.

Today, the university has 15,000 students and almost 700 professors under its wing. It has an average student-teacher ratio of roughly 25 students to one teacher. The University of Almeria campus is located on the Andalusian coast near the road leading to the Cabo de Gata-Nijar nature park.


Despite being a young university, the University of Almeria has an impressive lay out of classrooms, lecture rooms, and even greenhouses for practical work. Students get their meals from the university's three cafés, a restaurant, and a number of food stalls. The sports facilities include basketball courts, volleyball courts, football pitches, and tennis courts. For entertainment, students can catch a movie at the Maestro Padilla projection hall, which is run by the University Cinema Club.

Famous Students

The university has produced notable scholars among its graduates like Dr. D. El Marraki who did a doctorate thesis on the fungal flora of Almería and Dr. Eduardo Gallego Arjona, who made a botanical research on 'Control biológico de enfermedades vegetales.'

Contact University of Almeria (Universidad de Almeria):
Address: Centra Sacramento, La Canada de San Urbano, Almeria, 04120, Spain
Tel: +34 950 01 50 00
Almeria University

Almeria University

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